Cheap hostel near metro

Center of Kharkiv, best location near central park

+38 (096) 104 90 60
Reception in apart-hotel

Spacious rooms with a balcony

Cozy kitchen for cooking with appliances

+38 (096) 104 90 60
Cheap hostel kharkiv near me

Watch out for discounts

Free tea, salt, sugar and drinking water. Book a hostel online

+38 (067) 265 16 17

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Kharkiv, Mystetstv Street 17, +38 (067) 265 16 17

“Central apartments is an apart-hotel in the very center of Kharkov. Inexpensive full-fledged apartments in the center and sleeping areas are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable rental.”

Daily housekeeping

We monitor cleanliness

Home Appliances

Household appliances

Apartments with kitchens

Full kitchens

Convenient location

In the center of Kharkiv

Cooking breakfasts and lunches